IELTS7 Online Learning

Here are our growing list of IELTS Online learning products. Most of these will be things that can help you writing, but there will have reading, listening and speaking too!

Some are courses, some are digital downloads such as self-study books.

We will be adding more products, books and courses over the next few months so that YOU can achieve your IELTS 7 goals!

Have fun, and remember if you have any questions about these we are happy to answer your questions!

Our IELTS products

Task 2 Essay Example Pack


  • 30 Essays
  • 5 Types of Essay questions
  • IELTS tips and language

IELTS Academic Reading Vocabulary Diagnostic Test

  • Find out what IELTS Words you need
  • Find out which IELTS Words you know
  • Get the lists of IELTS Words

Free Task 2 Writing Course

  • 5 Free Lessons
  • Practical and useful
  • Anyone can use them!

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Reading Test Practice Pack

  • 4 IELTS Academic Reading Tests
  • Question type Strategies
  • Academic Vocabulary

Coming soon.

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