IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Story Telling Task (Picture 1)

IELTS Speaking Part 2

How good

At 8pm, I needed to cross the city. I wasn’t sure about how to get there. I thought about taking the bus or the subway, so I checked the map on my phone. But apparently the roads were packed with cars. I couldn’t take the bus so I decided to get on the subway. That was fine with me.

I went down the stairs to the subway and I immediately saw a long line of people queuing to buy tickets. I looked at time – it was 9 o’clock! I kept waiting, and I started to get worried, it was getting closer to 9:15. but there were still 5 people ahead of me. I started imagining what my boss would say when I turned up late: Get to work! Get me that report!

I was still in the queue. I tarted to freak out. 5 minutes later there were only 3 people ahead of me. Then 2. Then 1. I started sweating from the stress. Another 5 minutes went by, I sweated even more! Finally, it was my turn. I fell unbelievably relieved. I chose the station I need to get to, I put in the coins, grabbed the ticket and ran for the train. I ran through the turnstile, down the escalator, and towards the platform. When I got there, the train was getting ready to leave – the lights flashed and the sirens wailed as the doors began to close. I dashed between them, got inside, and the doors just closed behind me. I felt great!
I leant on the doors, but then I noticed that they had signs on them saying that leaning wasn’t allowed. So, I moved away.

My stop was 6 stations away, but there was a transfer station earlier. While I waited, more people got on and I was squashed between two of them. There were only two stations to go before the transfer station, when suddenly I saw an empty seat! I quickly sat down, and then a woman sat down as well.

With one station to go before the main transfer station, I noticed a smell. Armpits. And then I heard someone fart! And then I smelt it! I gagged; I looked around for a gas mask! I told him you can’t do that here! I was getting mad when someone stepped on me with their high-heels. Oww!

Finally, we reached the transfer station. The train stopped and most of the people got off. I saw another empty seat and ran over to claim it. I sat down and finally I was happy.

With one stop to go before my destination, I noticed a sign by the seat; disabled people, parents with small children, elderly and pregnant women had priority. I saw a pregnant woman, and so I let her sit down in my seat.

Then the train arrived. I ran off, up the escalator, out the station. and into my office building at 8:45. I quickly pulled my ID card of my briefcase, and swiped it. Safe!

Why don’t you try? Write your story in the comments!

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2 Comments on “IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Story Telling Task (Picture 1)”

  1. The day before my journey, I enquired with our director regarding the possibility of having a transport service from the hospital and got a negative reply. So on the day of my journey, I woke up early in the morning at 5 am and got ready by 6am . Then I went to NICU for morning rounds. By the time I completed my rounds, it was already 8 am . I have to reach the banglore airport by 1pm and it was atleast 5 hrs journey from my place. So immediately I started to busstation. There I could not find the bus ready to leave. So I had to wait 30 min in the station before a right bus started to banglore.

    The bus in an ordinary express bus. It had somany stops in between spending atleast 15 min in each stop. I started to get worried as time was being elapsed. At 12pm I was still 80km away from banglore airport. That time the bus driver gave lunch break to the passengers which accounted for about half an hour. I too had some snacks in that time gap. But inside I felt I would surely miss my flight. Accepting the situation I decided not get tensed up and started thinking about what to do if I really miss the flight. Instantly, I opened internet on my phone and searched for alternate flight scheduled at later time. To my luck, I could find one with just one seat available. Without hesitation, I booked that seat at Rs.15000 which is 3 times higher cost than that of previous one.
    But I didn’t feel bad as atleast i could continue my journey without break. Meanwhile the bus reached the point where i had to get down to catch a cab to airport. It was already 2 pm. So my flight would have gone by that time. So not getting tensed, i calmly got down the bus and book a cab. by 2 30pm I reached the airport. My next flight was at 5 pm. After taking the board pass for that plane, I leisurely walked around the airport to find variety shopping malls including jewelry, sarees, footwear and even a baby corner. I also found a confectionery into which i went and had a pack of salted cashews . it costed rs.500 per 250gm. Its very expensive but I had to take it as I was feeling hungry at that point.

    Finally i proceeded to the gate indicated in my boarding pass and got into a chair. Still 1 hr is left for the flight call. So i started to look around and to my surprise one of my best friends siva was there in the opposite chair. He was also travelling to kolkata in the same flight. we both felt excited and happy to meet after a long time gap of approximately 10 long years. we both exchanged our contact numbers and shared the details of our family. While explaining my situation before reaching the airport, there was an announcement for our flight and we both went near the gate.

  2. Thank you for your various and kind data of IELTS. It helps me so much more than my expectations. Thanks again.

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