What is IELTS UK VI?


I often get asked about preparing for IELTS UK VI.

But the first thing you need to realize that IELTS UK VI is exactly the same test as IELTS.

IELTS UK VI stands for IELTS for Visa and Immigration. All it really means is that it is a secure language test, or a SELT.

Now there are several SELTs:

  • IELTS UK VI – Academic
  • IELTS UK VI – General Training
  • IELTS – Life skills

This last one is for working and living – and you do not need be concerned about it if you are planning to study at a university.

How do you know if I need to take IELTS UK VI?

This totally depends on what kind of visa you need – which also depends on what kind of degree programme you need, and if you need to do a presesssional programme.

Generally, if you are studying for a graduate degree at a reputable university you do not need to take IELTS VI.

Also, remember, currently this only applies to the UK.

Where can I take IELTS UK Vi?

Here is a pdf list of all IELTS UKVI centres.

Here is a brochure introducing IELTS UKVI.

Here is a tool for booking a test (and selecting a centre) by choosing a specific country.

Finally, all British Council centres and IDP centres seem to offer UKVI.

So, if you are doing the test at one of these, don’t worry too much.

Here is a video from Cambridge English explaining this

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