IELTS Task 1 Writing Comparison Language

IELTS Task 1 Writing
Note: this is not an IELTS writing task. It is just a fun way to practice comparing things!

Sample answer

The figure compares the height and weight of Batman in the media from 1939 till the present. It also includes lego Batman.

First of all, it is interesting that the very first Batman, played by Adam West, was almost identical as the one in the comic book at 74 inches tall. Their weight was also fairly similar, with the actor being 10 pounds lighter than comic Batman’s 210 pounds.

Since then, Batman’s size has fallen and risen. Michael Keaton was significantly shorter and lighter. In fact, with the exception of Lego Batman, he was the smallest of all, standing at only 70 inches and weighing less than 160 pounds. This was much lighter than George Clooney, who though was a similar height, was more than 10 pounds heavier.

Over the last 10 years, Batman has regained his mass. Starting with Christian Bale, his weight increased by around 10 pounds, and his height rose by an inch.

However, it was not until the arrival of Ben Affleck, that Batman actually exceeded the dimensions of the original Batman from the comics. In 2016, Mr Affleck stood at a massive 76 inches, which was 2 inches higher than comic Batman, and a colossal 216 pounds, which was also considerably heavier than any Batman before.

In conclusion, Batman’s size has generally hovered around two sizes: 74 inches and 70 ~ 72 inches, with his weight changing appropriately. It also shows that it is only recently that Batman has actually met or exceeded his original incarnation.

IELTS Task 1 Comparison language

Here are several sets of comparison language and patterns taken from the sample answer.

Talking about similarity and being the same:

  1. The very first Batman was almost identical to the one in the comic book.
  2. Their weight was also fairly similar

Useful Patterns in order:

  1. Subject + be-verb + (Adverb) identical to + object
  2. Subject + be-verb + (adverb) + (adverb) similar.


  1. Michael Keaton was significantly smaller and lighter.
  2. He was the smallest of all.
  3. This was much lighter than George Clooney.
  4. Mr Affleck stood at a massive 76 inches, which was 2 inches higher than comic Batman.

If you want to compare to something you have already said, you don’t need the second part of the sentence. E.g. #1.

Useful Patterns in order:

  1. Subject + be-verb + (Adverb) comparative
  2. Subject + be-verb + the superlative + (Adverb)
  3. Subject + be-verb + (Adverb) comparative + than + Object
  4. This / Which / Subject + be-verb + number + comparative + than + Object
Your turn!
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