IELTS Listening Part 4: Note completion practice


Listening Part 4: Note-completion – Mars

In this listening you will practice:

  • predicting words for spaces
  • listening to sentences in a different order
  • How to use this task:

    • Mouse over the [help] for hints, tips, and strategies
    • Listen 1 time and write your answers on a piece of paper
    • Check the answers when you think you have them
    • If you can’t understand one section, read and listen to the Listening Audio Script several times.
    Listen to the lecture about Mars. Complete the notes with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER.

    In Mars Attacks! Aliens ____(1)____ the world. [help]

    The war of the worlds was written in ____(2)____. [help]

    When it was broadcast, the show caused panic in ____(3)___. [help]

    In science fiction stories, Mars is often a ____(4)____. [help]

    Mars is also called ____(5)____. [help]

    ____(6)____ and water are necessary for life. [help]

    Mars has an unusual amount of methane in ____(7)____. [help]

    If there is Methane, then there must be life because it ____(8)_____ fast. [help]

    1. aliens
    2. 1938
    3. (the) American public
    4. future Earth colony
    5. (the) Red Planet
    6. bacteria
    7. atmosphere
    8. breaks down
    Today I want to talk to you about the planet Mars. Now, as I am sure most of you know, Mars has long been the source of aliens that invaded earth, whether in movies such as Mars Attacks! or classics such as The War of the Worlds, which started out as a novel by H.G. Wells in 1898, and re-appeared as a radio broadcast in 1938. This broadcast was directed by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles, and was famous for creating widespread hysteria in the American public at the time.

    Mars has also provided the backdrop for various stories of martian inhabitants, or as a future Earth colony in science fiction for over a century. So, for a long time people have entertained the idea that Mars, or the Red Planet as it is affectionately referred to supported life. Unfortunately, until now, science has failed to deliver any firm evidence that life may have existed on the dry desert planet.

    Generally, scientists have looked for elements that are necessary for life on earth, principally liquid water and the remains of bacteria. However, now it may be that the planet is actually harboring some kind of basic life. The evidence comes from the existence of a surprisingly large amount of methane in the thin Martian atmosphere. Methane is a volatile gas, meaning that it breaks down relatively quickly and so needs to be constantly produced to exist.

    Useful science words from the listening

    • evidence
    • bacteria
    • atmosphere
    • methane
    • gas
    • volatile
    • elements

    Useful science words from the listening

    How did you do with the listening?

    What did you find most challenging about it?

    Post your ideas and comments below!

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