IELTS Writing Task 1: Bar Chart


How to organize information for IELTS Writing Task 1 Bar Chart

This post looks at a typical IELTS Task 1 Writing bar chart where you have to put information in a logical order.

In this post you will learn how to

  • how to order information
  • ways to add percents
  • synonyms for grow (verb) and growth (noun)

Things to notice about the bar chart

As soon as you look at the bar chart above, you notice a few key things:

  • It is in the past
  • it shows the value and the % of change
  • the numbers refer to “billions of dollars”

Sample Answer

The bar chart compares 10 different brands from 2006 to 2007. The figures show how much the brands were worth in 2007 (in billions of US dollars) and how their value changed (in percent).

First of all, the most valuable brand was Coca-cola, which was valued at just over 65 billion. This was followed by Microsoft and IBM, which were both worth around 58 billion. General Electric was worth a little less with 51.5 billion. The next five brands were worth around half, the least valuable brand was Mercedes Benz with about 23.5 billion. This was around two thirds less than that of Coca cola.

Turning to the change in value, Toyota and Nokia had the largest growth with 15% and 12% respectively, and Mercedes and McDonalds also grew significantly (8% and 7%). In total, 8 out of the 10 brands increased in value. Interestingly, the most valuable company lost 3%.

In conclusion, generally speaking, the world’s most valuable brands are becoming more valuable, but the less valuable are growing faster.

Useful IELTS Task 1 Vocabulary for the bar chart

Words for talking about value:

  • (be) valued at $
  • (be) worth $
  • sth’s value (be) $
  • sth’s worth (be) $
  • the most/least valuable

Useful IELTS Task 1 sentence patterns in the bar chart

This Task 1 Writing Bar Chart Sample Answer uses several simple patterns to talk about percent.

Toyota and Nokia had the largest growth with 15% and 12% respectively

Sentence Structure
sentence + with + %

Mercedes and McDonalds also grew significantly (8% and 7%)

Sentence Structure
sentence + (%)

The most valuable company lost 3%.

Sentence Structure
subject + verb + %

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  1. What is the best possible way to write an Overview in this Bar Graph instead of conclusion ? Can anybody show me an example ?

    1. Hi, there the overview is the conclusion. You can put it in the end or at the front just after the introduction.

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