Why most IELTS Teachers are teaching you the IELTS Essay the WRONG way!

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Most IELTS Teachers teach the Task 2 IELTS essay the Wrong way…

Here is the gist of the video if you are too busy.

When IELTS students write an IELTS essay for homework or for practice, they need to get a sample answer so they can compare it to their own.

(By If YOU don’t get a sample answer from your IELTS Teacher – ask them to give you one – OR get a new IELTS teacher!)

Here is the problem. Most IELTS Teachers give you a “Band 9” “Native” answer.

This is useless!

Unless you are a band 8, a band 9 Sample Answer does NOT help you!

What should I get instead?

You need a sample answer that is a bit better than your level.

For example, if you are a 5, you should probably see something around a 6 or 7, because this gives you language you can copy!

Of course this means more work for the IELTS teacher.

So, if you are unhappy about what you are getting from your IELTS teacher, join our email list.

We’ll tell you about our 4-week IELTS course, and how you can get sample answers that are at your level…

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