IELTS Task 1 Line Chart Example – GDP in African Countries

IELTS Task 1 Line Chart Example

Useful language

Remember, in this kind of example, you need to use “percent” and “percentage” correctly.

1. Use percentage when you are comparing something.
2. Don’t use it with a number

1. The percentage of something is larger than (that of) something else.
2. The percentage of woman who smoke is less than (that of) men.

Percent (%)
1. Use percent with a number.
2. Don’t use it with a number

1. 20 percent of people smoke.
2. Smokers account for 20 percent (of people).

Task 1 Line Chart Example Answer

The line chart compares the change the percentage of manufacturing in four African countries from 2000 to 2014. The figures are for South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Kenya and Nigeria.

To start with, it is clear that manufacturing in South Africa declined significantly over the period. Here, the manufacturing sector accounted for around 19% of GDP in 2000, where it stayed for the next four years. However, since then its share has fallen steadily to approximately 13%, and it has remained there since.

Turning to the Ivory Coast, it faced a more erratic situation, with manufacturing suddenly falling by 5% over the first three years, recovering to 15% in 2007, and finally stabilizing at just over 13%, where it has remained.

Kenya ‘s change in manufacturing share followed a similar pattern, though it started at around 12%, which was 5% less than in Ivory Coast.

In contrast, the situation in Nigeria was completely different. In this country, manufacturing initially accounted for only 4% of GDP, and this actually fell further until it reached a low of 2% in 2009. Things changed dramatically the following year when its share of GDP suddenly rocketed, reaching 7% and then continuing to grow to a high of 10% in 2014.

In conclusion, while generally manufacturing as a share of GDP has fallen significantly in Ivory Coast and South Africa, in Kenya it ended the period largely unchanged. Finally, Nigeria was the only country to actually experience growth.

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