IELTS Problem Solution Essay

IELTS Problem Solution Essay

How to write an IELTS Problem Solution Essay.

Throughout the developing world more and more adults are less active and as a result less healthy.
Discuss the causes of inactivity and outline some solutions to this problem.


The easiest way to deal with this question is to follow the structure.

Always make the effort to plan some basic ideas and how the relate to other ideas.

See how these ideas are used in the answer below.

Basic problem solution essay outline

Causes of inactivity

1. richer car reduces exercise time
2. more TV, Internet etc. people don’t move + additive
3. urbanization more difficult for people to exercise

Some solutions

1. more urban planning people use cars less e.g. more parks and make it easier to walk
2. discourage reliance on cars e.g. more parks
everyone would be more active

these ideas don’t deal with Internet obession

Student Answer

Recently, many people have become worried about living in a home and an apartment . The question is , Is this is a good idea?

On the one hand , there are a several benefits of living in house than apartment. First, people feel safe , which means they have a separate house, so when they want to lock a door and main gate then they do not wait a other people. Second , It can also make a people follow a culture. In other words, because they know all neighbours , and many neighbours is same religion so they are share each other, and then they are easily follow a traditional culture, but apartment people have to difficult to follow a culture. For example , Miyapatan lives almost Muslim people so they are easily attend a religious program and pray a God. Third, The enviroment is better than apartment because one family has a on house ,and there is not a crowded .

On the other hand , this has some drawbacks too. One problem is a economic. This is because they need a much money when they built a house , but if they live an apartment then they need to pay only in monthly so it is cheaper than house . Another issuse is that it have not much facilities . Apartment have a lot of facilities but house have a few because when apartments were built, then they follow a new technology , and designed a modern facility because there are different kind of people come to live . For instance , In UK apartment have a flush toilet and solar etc.

In conclusion, although, The house is difficult to built at one time if you finish then do not need to pay like an apartment . Over all it is a positive because there is a good enviroment and there people are healthier.

Words: 302

IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer

Over the last several decades people have generally become more inactive, even in poorer countries. Partly as a result, obesity and other health problems are rising. This essay will explain why this is happening and outline several ways to improve the situation.

There are several reasons for this rise. First, there is the modern demand for cars. As people grow richer the first major purchase is typically a car. However, traveling in this way dramatically decreases the amount of time spent walking and cycling. Second, is the growth in television, the Internet, and now online gaming. All of these activities force people to remain still while they enjoy them. They are also fairly addictive, which means that once the youth are exposed to them, they are likely to continue doing them when they are adults. The final cause is urbanization. As an increasingly large proportion of the population lives in cities, it is more difficult for the average person to get sufficient exercise.

However, what can be done about this? One way is for societies to demand better urban planning from their governments to encourage urbanites to use cars less and their bodies more. Increasing the number parks and making it easy to walk to and from work are all good examples of this. A similar strategy could discourage reliance on cars. In other words, people would walk a short distance, take public transport, and then walk the remaining distance. If all of these ideas were implemented, the general population would be more active. Unfortunately, these ideas do not directly deal with the problem of a youth culture obsessed with the Internet.

In conclusion, although people have become more sedentary, there are clearly a number of ways to boost the level of activity throughout developing nations. However, it will take a lot of political will and local pressure for them to succeed.

Words: 321

Writing Feedback

Task Response: 8+

Each part of the question is clearly and completely addressed.
The introduction and the conclusion link naturally to the rest of the essay.
Each main idea is coherent and fits the question, and is developed appropriately.

Coherence and Cohesion: 8+

The essay is easy to follow from the beginning to the end.
Each paragraph has a clear main idea and they link together logically with words like “This”.
 There are a variety of linkers and linking phrases that are used accurately and appropriately between and within sentences.

Lexical Resource (Vocabulary): 9

 All language is used naturally and accurately apart from native slips.

Grammatical range and accuracy : 5

 A wide range of sentence types are used, including simple and complex sentences.

Overall : 8.5 ~ 9

It is very hard for examiners to agree on a level 9 for Task Response and Coherence and Cohesions, so it doesn’t really matter if it is an 8 or a 9 here.

Alternative Introductions

Alternative IELTS Introduction 1
Recently, many people have become more concerned about whether they should live in an apartment or in a house. This essay will discuss which option is better.

Alternative IELTS Introduction 2
These days, as people become adults, it is common for them to think about whether they should live in an apartment or in a house. I believe it depends on your specific situation.

What do you think of this question?
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