IELTS Task 2 Writing Opinion Essay Example

IELTS Task 2 Writing Opinion Essay

How to write an IELTS Task 2 Writing Opinion Essay

New technologies and ways of buying and selling are transforming the lives of consumers.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

There are many ways to write an IELTS Task 2 Writing Opinion Essay. This table is comparing three different things:

  1. time
  2. banana sales vs coffee sales
  3. five countries

This means there are many ways you could organize your answer. Remember, in IELTS Task 1 Writing, one of the aims is to have an easy to read, natural organization.

In the two IELTS Task 1 Sample answers below, each approaches the organization in a different way.

Which way do you think is easiest for you?

Student Answer

Using the internet worldwide has great impact on people consuming manner. Some people insist that shopping online has changed people’s style rather than their actual behavior. I would argue, however, that online-based shopping has enhanced peoples’ financial status as well as saving a bit of time each day.

It is definitely clear that, shopping online supports the consumer economically. A normal buyer ,for instance, would pay 12 $ for a T-shirt in a mall whilst he could save 10 $ if he purchase the same item online. To clarify more, the annual rent for a shop together with the employees’ salaries can be saved in favor of online shopping which reducing the cost for the final buyer. As a result, consumers’ lives has altered financially.

Undoubly, using modern devices are significant in saving the time. Few minutes are needed to purchase a commodity online compared to hours to buy it in the traditional way; For example, online banking system can do the payment within seconds whereas a long process must be followed in the traditional way. Some people are still unconvinced to buy or sell online when many fraudulent activities taking place on the internet. However, many advanced security programs are created to protect the buyer whilst he is shopping online ,which leads to change in his life.

In conclusion, consumer lives has changed rapidly due to new devices and methods introduced for purchasing and selling in recent years. Therefore, I would absolutely agree with that, modern devices have changed people’s lives financially together with reducing the consumption of time.

Words: 259

Writing Feedback

Task Achievement: 6

This is an OK answer.

  • – Keep your introduction simple. You do NOT need to repeat the whole question, and you do NOT need to write two points of view. See the model answer for what I mean.
  • – The paragraphs are a little off topic or (in paragraph 1) aren’t developed very well. Try to keep each part directly linked to the topic / main ideas.
  • + Your conclusion is OK. It summarizes your main points.
  • Try to develop your ideas more buy making the topic sentences more general, and having two or three supporting ideas:

You could organize your ideas like this:
Paragraph 1
Topic sentence: First of all, it is definitely clear that consumers save money.

1. It is now possible to pay for things online without cash.
e.g. Online banking is cheaper than going to a bank in person
2. Shopping on the Internet is generally much cheaper because you can easily compare different prices.

Paragraph 2
Topic sentence: Secondly, undoubtedly,they also save time.

1. Technologies such as maps and reviews allow people to find shops, products, and services much quicker than before.
E.g. You can type a “Coffee Shop” into Google Maps and easily find a convenient place to go.

2. New forms of payment using mobile phones and online payments means you usually do not need to pay in cash. (Even if you are shopping in person)

Coherence and Cohesion: 6

The organization is OK, and it is fairly easy to follow.

  • + You have a range of linkers, but some are incorrect e.g. “Undoubly” → “Undoubtedly”
  • + You have paragraphs with main ideas though the development needs some work

Lexical Resource (Vocabulary): 7

  • + Good range of language. Generally accurate spelling and usage.

Grammatical range and accuracy : 6

  • – Some basic punctuation mistakes. E.g. “Few minutes are needed to purchase a commodity online compared to hours to buy it in the traditional way; For example” → “… in the traditional way. For example, …”
  • + You attempt some complex sentences but these are less accurate than your simple sentences.
    “… shopping which reducing the cost for the final buyer” → “… shopping, which reduces”
  • – You would get a 7 here if you had some shorter and obviously accurate sentences. Try to include some complete and 100% accurate simple sentence!


You will probably get an IELTS 6, but if you are a bit better with addressing the question, or with your accuracy, you might get an IELTS 6.5.

IELTS Writing Sample Answer

Over the last few years, new forms of shopping and commerce have increased more than ever. The question is, has this trend changed the lives of consumers?

First of all, the most obvious example is the Internet. As networks have been faster and access become cheaper, Internet-based business and services have suddenly taken off. This means it is easier than ever before to shop online and get rapid delivery, which in turn makes it easier for people to get what they need without visiting real brick-and-mortar stores.

Another related change is the so-called sharing economy. This is mainly powered by the rise in the number of Smartphones and has given rise to new business models such as Uber, which matches people who need a ride to those who own cars. This now means that the average person can get the equivalent of a taxi during rush hour, late at night, or during intense rain.

That said, for most people the impact of these changes has not fundamentally changed their lives. Online shopping may make it easier for people to get what they need, but generally people still shop in person for food and clothing. Similarly, the sharing economy may make it easier or cheaper for to travel, but it will not totally replace staying in hotels. Or, in the case of Uber, paying someone to drive their own car is not much different from paying a taxi driver to drive a taxi.

In conclusion, although the Internet and the rise in Smartphones is in many ways easier, cheaper, faster or more convenient, our lives are not significantly different. Therefore, I believe that in most cases our lives have only changed on the edges. However, who knows what the future will bring?

Words: 291

What do you think of this question?
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