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    Lesson 1

    First you need to know exactly what is and is NOT an IELTS essay. There are at least 3 things you need to know.

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    Lesson 2

    Next you need to understand different essay types. Ben looks at five different questions that are all about a similar topic. Can you see the difference?

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    Lesson 3

    Once you understand different essay types, you’ve got make sure your answer and ideas match the question. Ben explains how you can do well on the Task Response marking criteria with this simple strategy.

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    Lesson 4

    We all know that Grammar is an important of the IELTS writing test, but how can you do well on this? Ben gives you the key facts.

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    Lesson 5

    Finally, no writing is complete without developing your ideas. But how can you do this in a useful but effective way? Find out how!

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